do action movies know they can have more than one female character

if they  did  they  would  have to  uncast  some explosions.

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a woman speaking is always “whining” unless it’s what a man wants to hear. 


if you are a guy and you call me any of these I will unhinge my jaw and swallow you whole

I’ll probably just kill you. But not after I tear your fragile ego to shreds and shit inside of your heart.

this is such a ironic post

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this is riddle wrapped in a mystery wrapped in an enigma

is this  black or  white power?


this is riddle wrapped in a mystery wrapped in an enigma

is this  black or  white power?

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& are extremely shocked that they end up pregnant infuriate me, because what we’re you expecting? A washing machine out of unprotected sex? Maybe a car..hmm. BUT PREGNANCY? noo HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? Not me, I’m…

People like you make me cringe. I have every right over my own body to make the choices I do. Also, anyone is allowed to have sex for pleasure. If sex is only for making children are you saying gay couples shouldn’t have sex, because they’re not making children through intercourse.

Everyone has the right to do with their bodies as they please. If someone wants to have a baby, good for them. If someone isn’t ready or just plain doesn’t want a baby and gets an abortion, good for them. Frankly, I am not responsible for anyone else and what they choose to do with their bodies and you aren’t either.

Do you know any facts about pro-choicers or do you just spew bullshit to try and make yourself look educated? Look deep into the prochoice movement and keep your bullshit elsewhere.

yes you do, but when you CHOOSE  to have sex  you are CHOOSING  to allow your body  to procreate because   when your body has  sex  its primary   objective is  to procreate.  When  you  do that  and you  get  pregnant you  are  now  violating  another human’s  bodily  autonomy by  killing them.  It being  in your body doesn’t not  violate your  bodily  autonomy  since you put it there.  Not  giving you aborition   doesn’t  affect your bodily  autonomy  because  no one  has  any  obligation   to  get rid  of  anything  that  you do to yourself.

Sex  for  homosexual  couples  is  tries to mimic heterosexual  intercourse  with the  equipment  they have.  Heterosexual  intercourse  is  the way  the human  race  and most mammals  procreate. Homosexual  couples  don’t  have to worry about procreating  because even if they  could  men are doing anal  and  women are  using  dildos  their  mouths  and every thing else  other  than a  biological  penis. Heterosexual couples are having vaginal intercourse. Heterosexual couples are having sex  for the reason  it exist , to procreate. They don’t call it reproductive system for nothing.

People  that  can’t handle  a baby  shouldn’t have sex , or more specifically  vaginal intercourse. They have  many  better alternatives.  You  wouldn’t start a business that going to put you can’t handle,  so  why would you  actively  participate in the action  of  making  a baby you can’t handle.

Pro-choicers are  people  that  believe  that  they are helping women by  giving  women  the ultimatum  of  keeping their  baby  or  kill it .  Do  i need  more  research  or  is that accurate. 

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When girls willingly have sex





& are extremely shocked that they end up pregnant infuriate me, because what we’re you expecting? A washing machine out of unprotected sex? Maybe a car..hmm. BUT PREGNANCY? noo HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? Not me, I’m too young, I have a future ahead of me blah blah so my only choice is abortion (most times). Noo YOU thought it was okay to have sex knowing the consequences, you weren’t thinking about any of that before having sex, while, or after. I applaud those young moms who own up the responsibilities to their actions. Seriously good JOB! Doesn’t matter if you’re a teen mom that doesn’t make you a bad mom automatically, if you own up I respect you. I’m talking about ppl in general.

More than half of people obtaining abortions were using contraception when they got pregnant. [x]

Abortion is one of the many ways to take responsibility when an accidental pregnancy occurs.

over half  of  American  soldiers that get shot  wear body  armor. Doesn’t  invalidate that  they consented to go into a situation  where they  could get shot.  Just like  using birth control  doesn’t  invalidate your consent to sex.

Abortion  is  like  buying a car then   realizing  you  can’t  afford  it  so you blow  up  the  car.  It is  not  responsible. It  erases  the responsibility,  so  you  can  make  the same irresponsible choice again.

Soldiers who are shot in combat aren’t told, “sorry, you made this choice and you have to live with it, sucks to be you!” and refused any and all medical attention. 

Consenting to sex is not the same thing as consenting to pregnancy, but I’ve had this discussion with you quite a few times, so if you’d like to hear my point of view, please go back and read the numerous posts where I have stated it. 

That analogy does not work at all. Someone who knows they don’t want a child is not going out and purposely trying to get pregnant, like the person buying the car in your situation. You can’t really accidentally buy a car - so this doesn’t make sense. 

Either way, assuming someone did buy a car and found out they couldn’t afford it, the obvious course of action for them would be to sell the car. Blowing up a car doesn’t take away their car payments.

The issue with pregnancy being unaffordable is taken away with abortion, because you are no longer paying for a pregnancy. Deciding not to have a child when you know you can not raise one, much like deciding not to buy a car when you know you can not afford one, is a very responsible choice. 

Soldier getting  medical  attention  has nothing  to  do with that  analogy. It is about how  lessing odds of  a result  doesn’t  invalidate  consent. Even  if  one of those  soldiers  get  shot , body armor  or not  they  agreed  to  go  into that  situation.  Them getting medical  attention  is   a whole different  situation. Want =/= consent. 

 You only gave a statement that  sex is  not  consent to  pregnancy , but you never gave  a argument  of why.  pregnancy  is  the  primary  objective of sex , pleasure is  secondary. Do you really think  that your body has  to  follow what you  want?

A person that is having  sex  is  purposely  trying  to  get pregnant  because  the primary  objective of sex is  pregnancy.  There for  having sex= equal trying to procreated. Just  because  those may not  be  your  intentions  doesn’t mean your  not doing it. 

If you blow up your car  and get away with it  the insurance will pay for the rest of the car and  give you money  to get a new one. That is  if they  want to.  Yes, most  people would  sell the car. But   just  like the car  why not  give the child to someone  that  can’t  afford it. Or  not  participate in  activity  of  sex  making the  child rather  then  completely  destroying it ?

Why  do you  claim  it is responsible  to  end the pregnancy already in progress, but  not  getting  pregnant  in the first place by not having  sex  is a  bad? But  despite  you claim  if you  are concered about the cost  of  pregnancy  why are you  fighting  to  give women the choice  to kill  their  babies, and  not the choice  to  have  fully paid  births, new child  starter kits , or health care  for  all children , better adoption situations , ect.?

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To my way of thinking, the feminist narrative about how only 3% of rapists will spend a day in prison does not but make women less likely to report their rapes. I mean, if you’re unlikely to get justice anyway, why bother…

Well I am not  supprised. Feminism  is a  business now.  Feminism can say  they are fighting rape more effectively   if they  say  it is a problem , and nothing is being  done about it,  and then any thing they  do for  the  cause  actually makes  the situation  worst.  So  basically    make  a problem, make it  worst  than  it is , state nothing  is being done,  then  make your solution  secretly  make it worst.


When researchers at the University of Toronto and the University of Washington observed young people’s behavior in bars, they found that the man’s aggressiveness didn’t match his level of intoxication. There was no relationship.

Instead, men targeted women who were intoxicated.


NPR: If He’s Sexually Aggressive in Bars, It’s Not Because He’s Drunk (via intlwomenshealth)

Ever notice these studies are one sided? Always?

You can tell it’s Feminist backed research when it’s a study of woman as victim, man as predator and they always come to a Feminist conclusion.

Male Sexuality Is Rape.

For example, this entire “study” is destroyed with a single question:

Were the intoxicated women the most sexually aggressive?”

Any human being who has ever imbibed alcohol knows that it lowers your inhibitions and though it’s anecdotal, alcohol has ALWAYS made the women around me SIGNIFICANTLY more sexually aggressive.

Yet not a single “researcher” ever fucking thought for a single second to ask this question? And more importantly, neither did anyone REVIEWING this shit?

Fuck that.

This is a Propaganda Piece for the Tumblr Crowd and they’ll eat it up accordingly and won’t question it at all.

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Anti-bronies, if you have to use pedophilia, rape culture, racism, sexism, or any other buzzword to shit on bronies, then you are far worse than bronies and you have no argument as too why they are horrible people.

why are…

most bronies are probably little boys that like  a show   that used to be  targeted  at girls ,  is now more a target  natural show  that  has   girl  characters , guy  characters,  and  characters that  you can’t really  tell  if  they are boy or girl ( rainbow  dash). Any guy  that  is   grown and likes mlp  are well with in their  right.  And  I am  pretty  curious  how  they are  being  sexist , racist ,  pedophilic, ect.